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interesting progress about car bill. tell us about what cargo was. >> in 1895, adolph sutro owned a couple blocks of land, which were sand dunes. the pavement, the streets. south of golden gate park. there was a train line that brought people from downtown to the beaches. mostly, it was used on sundays. it went along with a good way to the beach. top of that, a few people started using old horse carts, which are essentially street cars that were pulled by horses. they became obsolete as cable cars and electric trolleys took over. and they took these old horse cars and made little foot houses out of it -- clubhouses out of them. some of those turned into permanent residences, and you had up to 100 of these little cars all tumbled out there in the sand dunes. >> i remember when i was a kid going out there, some of them with all the way over to the zoo, and they had taken more modern streetcars and made holds out of them by picking them up and putting him on a sandlot. >> after the 1906 earthquake, they put in a lot of electric car lights, so it just kept growing. >> here is a building incorp
history of some building or site or event. >> we're in seal rock. this used to be adolph sutro's estate. these weren't there then. >> ♪ in the richmond guess i ain't that cool ♪ >> when i was a kid, my father told me those were machine gun nests up there put in during world war ii to fend off japanese attackers. >> these two structures were build in 1943 by the u.s. army. also, these were spotting positions for the big post artillery gun batteries. the stations would work together. say win here and one at fort funston. using telescopes, they named a ship and target. and the two different sightings allowed them to trianglely position the ship at sea. >> so it was a lookout, essentially >> it was a lookout. >> i doubt if we saw a japanese ship today -- >> it would probably say toyota on the side of it. >> they are really fun. if shows you what can you do in 60 seconds. >> the pri sidot maps. people -- presidio maps. people keep forgetting that the army was a major presence. before the city was functioning, the army was functioning. and there are maps from the 1800's that show the farm
yit. most importantly, he was a friend of adolph sutro's. and sutro had a real estate shack on the northwest corner of the sunset. he let colonel daley squat in there essentially. he went out every morning, walked along the beach. whatever washed up he brought back to his shed and created quite a large little compound of old bottles, shoes, anything that washed up. a ship wreck. provided a bunch of lumber. he made a sleeping loft in his cabin. for a while he had a wife. she didn't wash up in the waves. but she did eventually wash out. she couldn't handle cooking in the sandunes every night, creating a fire. so she left him sometime in the late 18920 -- 1890's. but daley took one of those cars we were talking about and opened this little coffee saloon where he sold sandwiches, doughnuts, and little items to the picnicers who came out to the beach on the weekends. and soon other people, they kind of were charmed by this little old horse car that was being used as a store. and they asked if it was possible that they could rent a car on his land. and he said, ok, $5 a month you
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)